Martial Arts in Cheney Washington is lead by the only Combat Hapkido School in the area, The School of Practical Self Defense. When you come to our class you walk away feeling safer than when you walked in.

We focus on your needs and what is the best way for you to learn. Then we practice it again and again until we know that you have the techniques.

This way we can insure your efficiency at the concept before move to the next concept. This helps to prevent you from becoming over whelmed, and increase your ability to learn and remember the concept.

The self-defense techniques we teach are based on the Combat Hapkido system mixed with a few other Martial Arts Systems. It’s designed to allow anyone, young or old to learn the system and to be able to protect themselves. No prior experience and athletic abilities are required.

Meet the Instructors

Senior Instructor

Paul Victor:
Over 13 years of martial arts experience in the following arts:

  • Combat Hapkido – Master Thomas Locke & Grandmaster John Pellegrini
    • Current Rank: Black Belt (3d Dan).
  • Ground Survival – Master David Rivas
  • Systema –  Vladimir Vasiliev
  • Shoshin Ryu –  Toby Bates & Master Donald Soucy.
  • Kenpo Karate – Sifu Lee Lowry.


Del Murphy
10 Years of combined Martial Arts experience in the following arts:

  • Combat Hapkido – Master Thomas Locke & Grandmaster  John Pellegrini
    • Current Rank Black Belt (1st Dan)
  • Ground Survival – Master David Rivas
  • Martial Blade Concepts – Michael Janich
  • Martial Cane Concepts – Michael Janich
  • Tai Chi
  • Shaolin Kempo Karate